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The Baxter Center Case Study & Partnership Toolkit

Promising Practices in Corporate-School-University Partnerships


This case study highlights promising practices for building effective and sustainable STEM partnerships between K-12, industry, and university partners, grounded in the story of the Baxter Center. Check it out to learn more about how our Center got started, what we learned about successfully working with schools, and some of the impacts we have had along the way.

Virtual Workshops

Earn CEUs anytime by joining us for a virtual workshop or exploring our On Demand options. Explore a range of topics to help you plan for instruction in your science classroom.

  • Baxter Box @ Home
    Join us for a virtual workshop and receive materials and equipment to follow along and test out new labs wherever you want! Attendees will also have the chance to plan with a community of educators and collaboratively design ways of bringing back engaging science experiences to your classroom. (Learn More)

  • Science Meetups
    Want to stay up to date on the current science and hear from a variety of experts? Join us for The Baxter Center’s Science Meetups! We will get together the second Wednesday of each month for an hour after school to hear more from experts in a variety of fields. Topics include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biotech, Forensics & Criminology, and Middle School Science. (Learn More)

  • On Demand Learning
    Illinois teachers can earn continuing education credits for watching bite-sized professional learning videos from anywhere! Here’s how it works: Watch the video. Write and submit a reflection on how what you watched could be used with your students. Complete an ISBE evaluation and hit submit! Not from Illinois but still want to watch our videos? Check out our YouTube channel! (Learn More)

Workshops from Teachers, for Teachers

Your colleagues have resources to share! Join us for a workshop designed and led by local K-12 educators. Have an idea for a workshop yourself? Learn more about the program here. We will accept applications for the next cohort of teachers in late spring 2022.


October’s workshop comes to us virtually from the Chemistry classroom and includes an example unit!


Social Justice Science Issues in your Classroom Planning

Ms. Nina Hike (CPS, George Westinghouse College Prep) will help you introduce a social justice science issue to existing curricula, brainstorming how to connect science with students’ lived experiences. Ms. Hike will also share an example chemistry unit she developed for her students that allows them to investigate local and national Environmental Racism issues and Elements. Students develop and use chemistry models to make sense of scientific principles and vocabulary words and the socio-economic factors that led to environmental pollution disproportionately having a negative impact on communities of color. Materials will be shared with attendees so they may adapt the lessons for use with their students.

Ms.Hike is currently working on her doctoral research on microaggressions in science education.

The Baxter Box Program

Introducing Baxter Box Demo Kits

If you have ever attended a workshop with us, you are eligible to borrow a demo version of our Baxter Boxes. You will receive a single set of equipment (e.g. 1 of each size pipette, 1 gel box, 1 thermocycler) and an entire classroom set of lab reagents (e.g. PCR supplies for 8 lab groups) to play around with at home.

Learn More

Our Work in the Chicagoland Area

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What our teachers are saying

The BCSE allows teachers to stay up to date with the advancement of technology in science. By helping the teachers stay up to date and by providing activities that can be implanted into the classroom, it allows the future generation to have exposure to new developments in biotechnology at a young age. This hopefully will inspire the students to pursue careers in science.
The BCSE helps out teachers who teach at schools with limited resources get the resources and instructive know how they otherwise would not be able to obtain.
Holy moly, this center is GREAT! I appreciate your outreach, enthusiasm, and expertise. It is really amazing to have this kind of access to a research institution and you are all so helpful in making this type of science accessible to our students.

Our Team

Emily Ferrin, Ph.D.

Program Director & Resident Scientist

Baxter Center for Science Education

Ashley Walter, M.S.

Program & Partnership Coordinator

Baxter Center for Science Education

Natalie Bueno, B.S.

Program & Partnership Coordinator

Baxter Center for Science Education

Amy D. Pratt, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Community Education Partnerships

School of Education and Social Policy

Sachin Pradhan M.S.

Software Developer

Office of Community Education Partnerships

Emily DePalma, M.Ed.

Manager of Programs and Operations

Office of Community Education Partnerships

Jennifer Richards Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

School of Education and Social Policy

Natalie Turner

Administrative Aid

Office of Community Education Partnerships