The Baxter Symposium is an event designed to excite and inspire teachers to bring cutting-edge life science activities to their classrooms. We accomplish this by providing a day of real-world science and hands-on lab activities that show life sciences in the 21st century are exciting and amazing!

Attendees will have the chance to:

  • Connect with scientists and hear about their cutting-edge research.
  • Learn about hands-on, NGSS-aligned lab activities led by educators who have successfully used them in their classrooms.
  • Attend a free event for high school & middle school teachers.
  • Enter lab equipment give-aways!
  • Earn CPDUs for attendance.

Body Builders: The Emergence of Regenerative Medicine

May 22, 2014

Can you imagine a medical practice where the focus is helping the body to heal itself using stem cells, or where diseased organs are replaced by an organ grown from a patient's own cells? These ideas might seem like science fiction, but current regenerative medicine research is nearing a point where these procedures are close to implementation. Some scientists suggest that the practice will become a reality within five to ten years.

View the webinar recording here.

Just Bead It Biomaterials Lab

In this series of experiments, you'll begin to explore the world of oncofertility research that is taking place at Northwestern University. The team consists of research scientists, biomedical engineers, graduate students, and many others. They are working to develop a system that will allow men and women who are diagnosed with cancer to potentially preserve their fertility. The team is working to achieve this for women by performing experiments to help follicles (containing mature egg cells) to develop in vitro.