AP Biology

Antibiotic Resistance - Chicago

February 13, 2020

Facilitator: Mary Clark

Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm (dinner provided)

Location: Lindblom Math & Science Academy 6130 S. Wolcott Ave. Chicago, IL 60636

Explore how antibiotics affect the growth of microorganisms! Learn how to have students perform a Bauer-Kirby test to explore the effectiveness of three different types of antibiotics on three different types of bacteria. Students can also explore the effectiveness of other items with antibacterial properties that they find in the classroom! In addition to the more traditional Bauer-Kirby test on bacterial colonies, we will also test antibiotics in a cell-free synthesis system! This will help your students understand the different cellular components that are attacked by antibiotics.

This workshop is perfect for teachers of Middle School Science, General Biology, Health Sciences, or Biotechnology students.

Participants will be able to access all materials needed for the lab FOR FREE through our Baxter Box Equipment Loaner Program.