Advancing Life Sciences through Biotechnology

October 9, 2018

Round Lake High School in Round Lake, Illinois

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The Baxter Symposium is an event designed to excite and inspire teachers to bring cutting-edge life science activities to their classrooms. We accomplish this by providing a day of real-world science and hands-on lab activities that show life sciences in the 21st century are exciting and amazing!

Attendees will have the chance to:

  • Connect with scientists and hear about their cutting-edge research.
  • Try out hands-on, NGSS-aligned curriculum modules led by educators who have successfully used them in their classrooms.
  • Attend a free event for high school & middle school teachers.
  • Receive FREE lab materials for all attendees!
  • Enter lab equipment give-aways!
  • Earn 7 CPDUs.

A Note on Location: This year’s Baxter Symposium will be held at Round Lake Senior High School in Round Lake, Illinois to celebrate the opening of our new Baxter Center North! We are excited to partner with Round Lake to support Lake County science teachers as they create more engaging, skills-based learning experiences for their students. Next year’s symposium will be celebrating 10 years of the Baxter Center for Science Education at Lindblom Math & Science Academy on the Southside of Chicago!

For the schedule and information from last year's Symposium, CLICK HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does the event cost to attend?

Nothing! This event is FREE for teachers to attend.

Do I earn any CPDUs for attending?

You can earn 7 CPDUs for attending the Symposium.

Where is the event taking place?

The Baxter Symposium is taking place at Round Lake Senior High School in Round Lake, Illinois. You can look up directions here

Where do I park?

Parking is available around the school. 

Do I have to pay for parking?

No - parking is free. 

Will there be substitute pay for CPS teachers? 

Yes! Although we are hosting the Symposium at a new location, we want our friends at Chicago Public Schools to still be able to join us! To make that easier, we will be providing substitute pay for CPS teachers. 

How does substitute pay reimbursement for CPS teachers work?

We will email all CPS teachers with directions for accessing funds for substitutes. If you have any questions, please email

I hear there is a chance to get goodies. What kind of goodies?

Every year we give away Baxter Boxes to all attendees. These consist of both fun things and items that will help you implement hands-on labs in your classroom. We also have give away drawings at the end of the day, where you have a chance to win things like lab equipment, lab kits, and other exciting items. Carpooling or taking public transport to the Symposium gives you extra chances to win!

Will lunch be provided?

Lunch will be provided. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options are included. If you have other dietary restrictions, please let us know by either including the information on your session registration form or emailing us at 

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

Some sessions use computers, so it might be useful to bring yours along. Extra computers will also be available. To make registration go faster, you can also bring these completed forms with you: the Baxter Photo Release and Northwestern Photo Release.

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