Classroom Support

Doing high-level, hands-on labs with students is always easier with a helping hand.

We understand that a great deal of work goes into running a lab activity with your students. That is why we are available to support our teachers through the process.

In addition to delivering and picking up equipment, we can help you

  • Plan the activity
  • Figure out what you need
  • Prepare materials for the lab
  • Run the lab with your students
  • Clean up afterwards

We are also always on hand to answer questions and you can email, call, or text us whenever you need.

Contact us directly at

To schedule classroom help for an upcoming lab activity,  

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The resources (supplies and staff support) have allowed me to actually use the labs and feel more confident in equipment set-up.
Dena Guptill, Teacher @ Sarah Goode STEM Academy
The significance of the BCSE is immeasurable and invaluable! Without the BCSE I could not do these labs without the expertise, hands on learning and equipment they provide with additional resources. The BCSE has made me grow and learn as a teacher!
Anonymous Teacher,
BCSE is providing me with a large part of the equipment I need. If I didn't have the assistance, I wouldn't be able to bring these ideas into the classroom in physical form.
Lander Hill, Teacher @ ASPIRA Business and Finance High School