Session: Zooming In: A microscopic-to-molecular perspective for modeling chromosomes

Zooming In: A microscopic-to-molecular perspective for modeling chromosomes

How do you help your students make the connection between chromosomes, traits and DNA? How does the process of crossing over lead to genetically unique gametes? Participants will use hands-on, minds-on manipulatives to model their way to visualizing and understanding the connection between chromosomes, DNA and genetics.  The workshop will address chromosome structure and function on both a microscopic and molecular scale, as well as the process by which chromosomes cross over, sort and segregate, creating gametes with unique genomes. We’ll even put a new twist on the old Punnett Square! These physical models serve as a shared mental model between instructor and students, uncovering student thinking and exposing student misconceptions. Models encourage students to confront their misconceptions and advance their thinking. Materials used in the workshop are available for loan from the MSOE Model Lending Library; borrowers just pay return shipping. Handouts will be provided. 

Presenters: Judy Baeten & Margaret Franzen, Center for BioMolecular Modeling, Milwaukee School of Engineering


Student Level: Middle School, High School

Subjects: General Science, Biology, AP Biology, Biotech