Session: Supporting Authentic Intellectual Work in NGSS Classrooms

Supporting Authentic Intellectual Work in NGSS Classrooms 

All students can and should learn complex science. A goal in enacting an NGSS-designed curriculum is to have all learners engage meaningfully in the community of science practices. As you make decisions on how to support students, consider reflecting on these questions: 

Who is really doing the majority of the heavy cognitive lifting? How can I give more opportunities for more students to do so?

How do we break away from conventional patterns and facilitate discussions that support reasoning and deepen student understanding of complex material? Making the break may require a shift in classroom culture, new norms and practices, as well as a belief that students learn more when they do the “heavy lifting.” 

The CPS Science team will engage participants in a lesson experience that exemplifies student sensemaking around a phenomena, with embedded high quality, cognitively demanding science instruction characteristic of an NGSS aligned classrooms.  


 Presenters: Nell Kemp and Josh Paschedag, Chicago Public Schools  


Student Level: Middle School, High School

Subjects: General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Courses, Biotech