Session: More Than Meat

More Than Meat 

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Hot dogs, steak, beans and bacon. To many students, proteins exist primarily as meat found within a well-balanced diet. In this interactive workshop, join us for two inquiry-based, hands-on explorations of the "other" proteins. Proteins, made of amino acids, are vital to living cells surviving since they control almost every aspect of life. In the first activity, Stack the Deck, participants will interpret, classify and evaluate proteins according to their function(s). They will be challenged to justify their decisions based on evidence. Then, in Separation Anxiety, participants will investigate a variety of tools to design, test, and refine a plan for separating proteins. All materials, instructional resources, and student pages will be provided to attendees. 

Presenters: Lindsey Herlehy & Karen Togliatti, Illinois Math & Science Academy 


Student Level: Middle School, High School

Subjects: BiologyBiotech, General Science

Materials for Download: