Session: Learning about the Sensorimotor System

Learning about the Sensorimotor System 

The rocket that clears the meter mark with the greatest rocket-to-baking soda mass ratio is the winner! You can use this activity in your classroom to engage students in basic engineering and experimental design procedureExplore an exciting new way to get students interested in the human brain! Using a neurophysiology amplifier called a Spikerbox (from Backyard Brains), we will record and “eavesdrop” on the action potentials that are generated by the sensory neurons in a cockroach leg that detect touch and air flow. We will also pretend to be the cockroach's brain and send artificial, electric "movement commands" to make the leg dance to the beat. 

Presenter: Hayley White, Northwestern University Brain Awareness Outreach


Student Level: High School, Middle School, Elementary School

Subjects: Biology, Neuroscience

Online Resources for Teachers: Backyard Brains