Nina Hike (CPS)
Session Two

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 | 4 - 6:30pm


Are you looking for an exciting way to engage your students in creative problem solving while they learn a little chemistry along the way? Introducing Smart Windows, a series of NGSS-aligned lessons developed by Nina Hike, a chemistry teacher at George Westinghouse College Prep in Chicago Public Schools, based on two summers of research she conducted with James Rondinelli, professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Northwestern University.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to implement lessons both remotely and in-person
  • Have a chance to brainstorm differentiation with other practitioners
  • The first 35 registrants will receive $125 Amazon gift card to purchase supplies!

Chemistry Concepts Covered:

  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Energy states
  • Band gaps
  • Light scatter in organic materials
  • Molecular structures
  • Phase transitions

Design ChallengeAfter students learn these concepts, they then get to apply their learnings to a real-life environmental problem – how do you make buildings more energy-efficient to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions?

This work was supported by NSF (DMR-1454688).

Student Level: 

About the Teacher

Nina Hike
George Westinghouse College Prep

Nina Hike has worked in Chicago Public Schools for more than 20 years as a science teacher and department chair. She is currently finishing her doctoral research on systemic racism in education.