Freeze-dried, cell-free technology and its applications to education

Wednesday, December 8th from 4-5pm CST

Virtual | Zoom

Implementation of hands-on molecular and synthetic biology in classrooms is challenging because of the need for specialized equipment, cell cultures, and onerous protocols. BioBits® make it possible to synthesize proteins taking advantage of cutting edge freeze-dried cell-free technology. Dr. Ally Huang, BioBits Program Lead at miniPCR bio, will discuss how this technology works and her work on developing hands-on classroom activities that authentically demonstrate molecular biology concepts. Most of these activities can be completed with minimal equipment requirements and quick protocols, making them ideal for teaching settings. Published in peer-reviewed journals, user-friendly BioBits® enhance biology education both within and beyond the classroom.

About Our Speaker: Dr. Ally Huang earned her Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from MIT in 2019. Her PhD thesis focused on enhancing students’ exposure to biological fields. She is the Program Lead of miniPCR, an organization dedicated to making biotechnological materials designed for classroom settings and co-founder of BioBits. 

Credit Hours Provided: 1 CEU provided for attendance.