Cell-free Synthetic Biology: New Avenues for Biosynthesis and Education

Wednesday, January 12th from 4-5pm CST

Virtual | Zoom

What is Cell-Free Synthetic Biology? Cells can be engineered to produce useful proteins and chemical products, but they are limited by growth and viability. We can avoid these constraints by extracting biological machinery (including ribosomes and enzymes) to enable biosynthesis in test tubes with a highly controllable environment. This allows us to rapidly produce therapeutics, biosensors, and enzymes for chemical transformations. Cell extracts can also be freeze-dried and transported to resource limited settings and schools without the need for expensive equipment or biocontainment protocols, presenting unique opportunities for distributed biomanufacturing and education.

About Our Speaker: Blake Rasor is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University and a graduate student in the Jewett lab. He is using cell-free metabolic engineering for biosynthesis.   

Credit Hours Provided: 1 CEU provided for attendance.