Talking with students about COVID-19

November 30th from 3:30-4:30pm CST

Virtual | Zoom

Hey Biotech teachers! How do we transition a lab based course to a virtual classroom? Let's work together to share ideas and resources on bringing engaging, hands-on activities to our students. This month's topic: "Talking with students about COVID-19." We want to do our best to support our community of biotech, feel free to email us with suggestions on topics you would like to discuss at our meetups. 

Are you interested in connecting with us offline? We have also created a Slack Channel and Google Drive folders so that teachers have a spot to share their ideas and questions. For security reasons, access to the Slack Channel and Google Drive is by invite only. Email us at with your name, school, and email address and we will sign you up!

Facilitator: Mary Clark, Whitney Young High School. Credit Hours Provided: 1 CEU provided for attendance.