Apply to receive @ home labs from miniPCR bio for free!

Thursday, April 29th from 4-6pm CST

Virtual, Zoom

Facilitators: miniPCR bio, Mary Clark, Suzanne Fetherling, Natalie Bueno, Emily Ferrin, and Ashley Walter

The Baxter Center is excited to run the Baxter Box @ Home: Central Dogma workshop. Through this interactive virtual program, teachers will test out miniPCR’s BioBit’s @home: Central Dogma lab and work with teachers to creatively think through how we can bring this activity back to their virtual and/or in-person classroom. Participants will receive materials, join the Baxter Center for a live workshop, and run the lab right in their own home for free.

By participating in the program participants will:

  • Receive materials and reagents to test out a lab at home. You will receive materials for miniPCR’s BioBit’s @home: Central Dogma lab. You will be able to keep everything you receive in this Baxter Box @ Home workshop.
  • Plan with a community of educators and Baxter Center staff to reflect on how activities can be brought back to their virtual and/or in-person classroom.
  • Earn 7 CEUs for participating!

In accordance with the mission of our program to promote equity in science education, we will prioritize educators who represent and serve communities that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM, including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) as well as communities with a significant proportion of low-income families.

Application due on April 12, 2021 at 11:59pm CST:

Please email any questions and/or comments to



April 12th 

Application closes on Wednesday, April 12 at 11:59pm CST

Application will be closed on April 12, at 11:59pm CST

April 14th 

Applications Accepted

Applications who are accepted in the program will be notified by April 14th

April 16th

Participant Confirmation Deadline 

Participants who are accepted into the program will need to confirm their participation by April 16th. 

April 29th from 4:00-6:00pm CST

LIVE miniPCR @Home Labs Workshop

Through this interactive virtual workshop, teachers will join our friends at miniPCR bio and our teacher leaders, Mary Clark & Suzanne Fetherling, to work through miniPCR Bio’s BioBits Central Dogma lab. 



  • What will I receive? Participants will receive a Baxter Box that is equivalent to a demo science kit. We will do our best to provide everything you need to run this experiment at home, including equipment and reagents.
  • What am I expected to do? Join us for a two hour live workshop, then run the lab in your own home. We hope to brainstorm together on how to make the kits you receive meaningful for your students, whether your classroom is back in school or virtual.
  • How much time do I have to commit to? We estimated that this will be a 5 hour commitment. There will be a two hour live workshop + an estimated three hours spent working individually on labs.
  • What do I need? We will do our best to provide everything you need (equipment, consumables, and training) to be able to participate in the program and complete experiments at home.
  • How will I receive the Baxter Box? We will have curbside pick up available at Northwestern. If you are unable to meet us, we'd be happy to deliver the materials directly to you.
  • Do I get to keep my Baxter Box? You are welcome to keep reagents of the lab. We will request the equipment be sent back so other teachers can test out other labs. Note - for the Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration lab you will be able to keep everything you receive.
  • Can I receive materials to send labs to my students? This year we are supplying Baxter Box Demo Kits for teachers. We hope to continue our regular programming when the time is right.