Try a synthetic bio lab to bring protein synthesis to life for students!

Saturday, April 30th from 9:30-12:30pm CST

In-person at Northwestern University’s Evanston Campus

Teachers! Join us Saturday, April 30 for an exciting workshop with Northwestern University’s Jewett Lab. Work with Northwestern Scientists and other Chicago area science educators to test out a new cell-free Biosensor lab, similar to miniPCR bio’s popular BioBits! This cell-free technique is a cutting-edge strategy being developed for use in the field to rapidly detect nucleic acids or chemical contaminants, depending on the purpose. This lab activity connects to various bio concepts including metabolism, transcription/translation, central dogma, and more! Hope you can join us for a fun morning of research and exploration. Interested in learning more? Check out these publications from the Jewett lab about Biosensors: