Chatting with a Scientist: Dr. Julie Swartzendruber

April 13, 2021 from 3:30-4:30pm CST

Virtual | Zoom

The Hygiene Hypothesis: Does exposure to microorganisms build up your immune system?  Dr. Julie Swartzendruber, Assistant Professor at Midwestern University, will join us to discuss her lab's research on Bacillus subtilis and its role in preventing allergic inflamation induced by the house dust mite. Her research hopes to determine the mechanism this bacterium employs to confer protection from allergic disease. This will be an informal discussion with plenty of time to ask questions. 

About Our Speaker: Dr. Julie Swartzendruber earned her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 2013 where she studied the role of histamine 2 receptor in allergic lung inflammation.  She continued her training as a post-doctoral fellow at Loyola University of Chicago, studying the role of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis in suppressing allergic airway disease.  Dr. Swartzendruber came to Midwestern University in 2015 and her research laboratory continues to study the role of Bacillus subtilis to suppress allergic disease.

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Facilitator: Mary Clark, Whitney Young High School. Credit Hours Provided: 1 CEU provided for attendance.