Our Centers

Baxter Center Chicago: Lindblom Math & Science Academy

The Baxter Center for Science Education, formerly the Biotechnology Center of Excellence, began with Hortense Brice, a teacher at Lindblom Math & Science Academy who recognized that bringing biotechnology into high school classrooms would help bring biology to life for her students. Baxter International Inc. supported these efforts and enabled professional development for teachers around biotech as part of their mission to nurture the next generation of scientific innovators who will lead the way in defining tomorrow’s healthcare technologies. This partnership eventually grew to include Northwestern University’s Office of Community Education Partnerships as a way to sustain and expand the original mission. The Baxter Center Chicago is located at Lindblom in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Lindblom’s outstanding teachers serve as leaders within Chicago Public Schools and have helped revolutionize learning in the district by introducing groundbreaking strategies such as a balanced calendar, colloquium days, proficiency based learning, and impactful corporate partnerships to enhance student learning. The Center highlights these successes by sharing them through innovative professional learning for the entire district.

Baxter Center North: Round Lake High School

The Baxter Center North launched in 2018 as part of a new partnership with Round Lake Senior High School in Round Lake, a northern-suburb of Chicago. Round Lake is known for being a leader in their cutting-edge approaches to instruction, scheduling, and preparing students for a wide range of career paths. These innovations make them an excellent partner for a new hub focused on showcasing their successes and delivering programming designed in conjunction with area teachers to meet the specific needs of the communities in which Baxter facilities are located. The work of the Baxter Center North will focus on facilitating a pipeline to STEM and manufacturing careers for students from RLHS and the region, catalyzing partnerships and programs that promote equity in STEM education and career pathways, and to build a shareable model of successful school programs and industry partnerships that support equity in STEM education and career pipelines.