Gel Electrophoresis

Genes in Space and on Earth too

October 16, 2017

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm 

Facilitators: Emily Gleason, miniPCR & Bruce Bryan, miniPCR

For decades, the tools of biotechnology and DNA analysis have been difficult to implement in classrooms. The miniPCR DNA Discover System is an innovative biotech teaching toolkit that closes this gap. In this hands-on workshop we will develop skills to bring the cutting edge of biology and space exploration into your classroom.

miniPCR and partners have created Genes in Space, a free science competition where teachers and students can design DNA research proposals for space. Winners have their experiments launched to the International Space Station and become involved in real-world space biology research. Join us and learn how to participate in Genes in Space, immerse yourself in real-world uses of biotech in agriculture, forensics, and medical sciences, and develop skills to implement hands-on biotech with your students. We'll also share how to obtain free loans of miniPCR "Lab in a Box" equipment and reagents. 

This workshop is presented in conjunction with miniPCR.

Participants earn 5 CPDUs.

Substitute coverage will be made available for CPS teachers.

Bio Lab Basic Training

June 27 - 28, 2017


Facilitator: Mary Clark (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry Instructor)

This introductory workshop, led by an expert teacher and facilitated by Northwestern University, is designed to be a quick and easy introduction to 21st-century lab skills including pipetting, culturing bacteria, and DNA gel electrophoresis. Teachers expand their knowledge of current biological research and explore new ways to teach general biology topics with hands-on, inquiry-based, NGSS-aligned labs.

Participants earn access to free lab materials and loaner equipment through the Baxter Box program.

Bio Lab Basic Training for Middle School

August 9 - 10, 2017

Facilitator: Liz Martinez (Illinois Math & Science Academy)

This professional development workshop, led by an expert teacher and facilitated by Northwestern University, is for middle school science teachers looking for ways to incorporate 21st-century biology skills and practices into their science curriculum. Teachers try out lab activities designed to provide an exciting, level-appropriate introduction to the world of biotech that will pave the way for further exploration at the high school level.

Participants earn access to free lab materials and loaner equipment through the Baxter Box program.

The Invisible Made Visible

July 11 - 13, 2017

Facilitator: Mary Clark (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry Instructor)

In this intermediate-level workshop, teachers try out open-ended, inquiry-based, NGSS-aligned labs that explore DNA. Under the guidance of an expert teacher and scientists from Northwestern University, teachers learn DNA-based techniques including DNA gel electrophoresis and PCR (polymerase chain reaction). With a focus on understanding the science behind the techniques, teachers are trained to troubleshoot and modify labs on the fly, and to feel confident in their general lab skills.

Participants earn access to free lab materials and loaner equipment through the  Baxter Box program.

Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA Kit

It's easy to teach students the basics of DNA gel electrophoresis and analysis with this classic AP(r) Biology lab. Using convenient pre-cut fragments, students electrophorese, stain, and visualize uncut lambda DNA (control) and DNA predigested with EcoRI and HindIII (standard molecular weight marker). They then determine the sizes of the DNA fragments. Materials are sufficient for 4 or 8 teams of students or 8 separate instructor demonstrations.